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Happy Filter

I am sooo happy to be here today, Aren’t you?







Okay, then think, what are the things that you are happy about?







Got some answer? mmmm….. you know  what makes ME Happiiieee? Everything around me makes me happy because I play the game of Happyyyy Filterrrrr.

Wanna know about it…stay tuned….and let Happy Filter make you happy as well.(smile)

So, the journey of being Happy  begins…

One fine day Aunt Pablo’s maid Nancy is washing dishes…

Aunt Pablo  – (hurriedly) Nancy! Nancy!

Nancy  – {continues washing dishes cheerfully says) yes. ma’am!

Aunt Pablo  – (frowned) I want you to clean up the attic and go to pick up my niece – Aena at the railway station. Understood!

Nancy  – (whispering to herself) Amazing! Is Aena going to stay in the attic when the house has so many beautiful rooms?

Nancy feels really sorry for Aena and she goes to the station.

Nancy  – are you Miss Aena?

(Aena  while hugging Nancy)

Aena: Oh I am so happy to see you! I am happy you look exactly as I thought!

Nancy: Oh, my dear you are mistaken. I am not Aunt Pablo.

“ I am Nancy. I work for her”.

Aena – I am happy after all, that she didn’t come to meet me,

I am even more excited to meet her now. I am so happy to go and live with her.

And here Aena is off to her aunt’s big home..

Most children would be sad, thinking, “why didn’t anyone came to greet me?” But Aena is happily looking forward to meeting her aunt.

So did her excitement last long… let’s go back to Aunt Pablo’s house…?

Aena  – (throwing her arms, around her aunt’s neck and flinging herself into her aunt’s lap)

Aunt Pablo  – (taken aback) that’s fine Aena will you please stand straight. I don’t even know as yet what you look like. Nancy will show you your room. Supper will be at 7:00 pm don’t be late.

Later in the evening, Aena went for a walk to see the new places.

In her excitement to discover the new place, she gets late for supper. She is told to have bread and milk in the kitchen with Nancy.

Let’s see what happens at the breakfast table next day.

Aunt Pablo to Aena– I’m sorry you had to miss your supper, but you were late and I am very particular about meal timings.

Aena: Please don’t be sorry Aunt Pablo! I like bread and milk. I am happy to spend time with Nancy.

Nancy  – (amazed) How can you always be so cheerful Aena?

Aena  – I am always cheerful because I like playing -Happy filter!

Nancy  – Happy Filter? What’s that?

Aena  – It’s a game taught by my father

in which one should try to find happiness in every situation…. no matter what it is.

You win the game if you see positive in everything and the harder it is to find something to be happy about,  the more fun it is to play the game.

Slowly one gets into the habit of being happy all the time.

Nancy  – what fun; I would like to play this game of happiness with you.

Nancy takes Aena to visit different people in the small hill town. One day she visits Mrs. Snow, a sick woman who had been bedridden for several years and complains about everything.

Aena  – It’s so dark, let me open the window

Mrs. Snow – Don’t open the window, I like to be in the dark.

Aena  – you are so beautiful. Aren’t you happy about it?

Mrs. Snow – how can an invalid person like me find anything to be happy about

Aena – of course!!!  You can be happy that you can still use your arms and hands. You can be happy that other people are not bedridden like you and enjoy everything on the bed.

Mrs. Snow – you might be right. I never thought like that.

The depressed heart of the bedridden woman gradually smiled by Aena’s encouragement and cheer. She changed so much that she learned to be happy that at least she could move her arms, and she took up knitting as a way to pass her time in a productive way.

“A change in our attitude or determination effects a change in our own life. It can positively impact our health and vigor and allow us to bring forth limitless wisdom. “



Nancy and Aena are walking when they overhear the heated arguments going on in the Smith family.

Mr. Smith– Get me a hot cup of tea.

Mrs. Smith– I have also just come in and I have cooking to do. I am tired. Make it yourself and make one for me too.

Mr. Smith– me? What do you think? It is not my job. You…

Mrs. Smith– I do all the household chores. Cooking, cleaning the house, dusting, laundry… A never ending list. It is not as if I’m sitting at home I  do work like you outside also.

(Aena and Nancy standing in front of Mr smith’s garden)

Aena  – what is the game that you are playing?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (look surprised)

Mr. Smith– do you think it is a game. We are fighting. Can’t you see?

Aena  – why are you fighting?

Mrs. Smith– we are fighting over a cup of tea.

Aena  – aren’t you happy that you have each other to fight with. I have no one. No friends. No family.

Mr. Smith– how silly!!!

Nancy – no, it is not silly. Let us teach you a game. We call it “‘Happy filter”

Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith– (in a rough voice) – what’s that now

Aena  – we have to find something to be happy about in every situation.

Mrs. Smith– we don’t have time for these childish games. We have too many problems.

Nancy and Aena went away saying that we are happy that at least they know  they have problems and they will surely deal with it.


On a Monday morning, they met Joy while walking down the town

Joy  – Oh no Monday again!!

Aena – I am so happy — – Monday….The best day of the week…  Farthest from the next Monday…

Joy – How beautiful is this thought, I never felt Monday can be joyful too.

whomever Aena met she found something to be happy about. It is hard for anyone to think badly of a person who is always sincerely happy for others and that’s the reason why every character in the story ends up being Aena’s friend.

The key to changing society lies in transforming, or “revolutionizing,” the minds of human beings.” That’s what Happy Filter does.

one day everyone in the town decides to visit Aena to play Happy filter with her.

Look there come, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Snow and a few more friends of Aena.

(all say together with a cheerful smile) – Hello Aena J

Mr. Smith– you know, I have started making tea myself and more than that – I’m happy to do so!!!!

(Aena smiles)

Mrs. Smith– And you know I have started appreciating my husband.  I am so happy that I have him as my life partner.

(Aena smiles even more)

Mrs. Snow:  Aena. You taught me to live life again. I am happy to be alive.

Joy – yes dear I feel happy on every Monday and we all are happy to have you around us.

(Aena is happier now)

See people; this was Happy filter is.

I am so happy, sooo happy, so soo happy……

Now you won’t ask ….Happy about what..???

Because we can be (happy) about everything.

– so you yourself can change the lives of everyone around you with your Happy filter, just filter the negativity, the sadness..and find a way to be Happy. And believe me, you will never need a reason to be happy.

It’s so beautiful to be child like always… can play Happy filter…and be happy always.

So be childish, do silly things, laugh at yourself, laugh at the tough situations which come your way and teach them how to play Happy filter…surely your problems will smile back at you and give you a solution.



24 thoughts on “Happy Filter

  1. Waooooooooooooooooo, it’s amazing……..u changed my way of thinking towards the problems ………

    I’m fan of happy filter game now…… amazing…..????

  2. Amazing it is!!! This is soo unique.. and the kind of lives we all are living today.. surely needs this happy filter!! ❤️

  3. I feel that it was well written for childrens book. I got your message loud and clear, very nobel I must say. Being happy or sad is totally up to the person in his life situations. But you know what it brings in no good when you suppress an emotion. Live every emotion happy or sad. Laugh like a kid cry whenever you feel a lump in your through.
    P.S. – My words don’t matter if they aren’t meaningful to you.

    1. Your words are meaningful to me.The only thing I want to convey is that we must find happiness in every situation and I am not at all saying that we must suppress our feelings.I believe that every emotion is as important as being happy is, but we can definitely try to make ourself and others around us happy and cheerful.

  4. A new way to deal with negativity….a new way of positively editing and poping up the colours of the picture of life with happy filter…..thank you sis ?

  5. Thank You sweets.
    It’s amazing to see kid sister writing so well. Keep it up. Looking forward for more blogs honey.

  6. Thank you for another beneficial web-site. Wherever different can I buy that sort of information written in a real best manner? I’ve a challenge that we’re right now operating for, and i have recently been at the consider similarly info.

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